"just assume it's Spencer, sluttin' it up."

“This was not planned, I swear.”
“I just know her that well.” (x)

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August 28, 2012

I’m still determined to stop A, they just made our lives a lot worse. Emily got even more mad at us this morning because we all tried convincing her again about Paige. At school, I confronted Paige,I told her that I knew who she was and she slammed her locker door and went off. At lunch, Hanna said that Paige went home early which probably meant that she went to Em’s. We all 3 got a text from A saying to meet them at Alison’s grave at 10PM that night and after school, we were at Hanna’s and Caleb came. She told him about it and so he said he was coming with us. We left to go get ready and on my way home, I saw Toby. He came back! When I ran and hugged him, I didn’t even want him to let go at all. We went back to my house and we finally had sex. It was perfect, I love him so much. When he was about to leave, he said he had to leave and go back to his job. I miss him so much already. I texted Hanna and said I was ready. When we got to the grave, A never showed up so Caleb was heading up to the cabin. When he got there, I guess Emily stabbed Nate and then Caleb got shot. I sure hope he’s gonna be okay, poor Hanna.

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“She’s the sexiest out of all of us.”

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